The first thing we need to tell you is that we are not garage door people and we have no association with any particular brand. We are automation specialists predominantly in the gate and road barrier automation fields.

The next thing you need to understand is that any Merlin garage door opener is designed to assist a well maintained and balanced door. This is actually quite easy to determine but it is important to be honest with yourself when doing this test.Does the door open and close without using excessive energy or force. If you are not sure ask a neighbour or friend to try and get their opinion. The door should not spring up to quickly in opening – nor should it suddenly drop at the end of closing.

Why all this testing? Simple – If you install any garage door motor (regardless of brand or size) onto a poorly setup or maintained door you will shorten the life of your opener and almost certainly void any warranty. The first step is to adjust your door if required until you have  a door that opens and closes manually with a minimum of fuss. The Merlin garage door opener is a convenience and security option – do not rely on it to drive a dodgy door.

The only other thing you need to know is that garage door openers are like most things in life, there a different qualities and features which dictate price, reliability and service life to name a few. The motors we present here we believe offer outstanding value, operation and reliability for their price. The only way we can truly support our products is with hands on knowledge.


There are various garage door opener parts which can be used to install a garage door. Garage door is a mechanical shutter to guard your vehicle for safety. A garage door can be automatic or manually operated. But nowadays all garage doors are automatically operated by a remote or switch. The various Merlin garage door opener parts may include Remotes¸ gears, keypads, lubricants, safety beam, carriages and other general parts. In an electronic garage door a motor pulls the garage door upwards when it has to be opened so that the car can pass out and pushed down when the garage has to close. The motor should be enough powerful so that it can lift the weight of the garage door upwards or else there is a risk of the garage door falling on the car occupants. Older garage doors only used to have a motor but nowadays more sophisticated systems come with hydraulic system for better operation.

The door is then connected to the motors arm which pulls it up and down. The arm is then pulled via a belt or screw while the motor is turned on. This entire assembly of them motor and arm is above the garage door. Newer ones which operate on hydraulics don’t require an overhead motor as the hydraulic fluid pushes the door upwards. This not only saves space but is also safer.

First of all the carriage or the trolley has to be fitted across the two sides of the garage entrance where the door will be situated. Then the door has to be fit into the carriage so that it can move properly. Ball bearings may also used for easy movement of the door. This technique is best for single panel doors. A motor which can lift the weight of the door then has to be put up over the door. An arm of the motor should be then connected to the door. This will then pull it upwards. Craftsman garage door opener parts are to be handled with care as little damage can have an undesired consequence. The electronic unit has to be connected to the motor. All the power cables should be connected properly and sealed well to avoid any electric shocks. The garage door also should be sealed properly to avoid rain water getting inside. The remote control is one of the most important craftsman garage door opener parts because this equipment controls the motor. The remote may contain many switches such as up, down, lock etc. a good quality remote should be used because any error on the remotes side can cause the garage door to work improperly. Safety of the garage door is one of the most important points as the door is very heavy and if the motor fails it can be very hazardous therefore good quality craftsman garage door opener parts should only be used and a proper safety mechanism should be put in place.